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We all know the stories of how creative people get into the business of creating for a living, but how did they start using their imaginations in the first place? On the Beginnings podcast, writer and performer Andy Beckerman asks well-known and up-and-coming comedians, musicians, writers and artists about their earliest creative acts and about other formative childhood experiences.

May 23, 2013

On today's show we talk to Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein of the electro-pop band Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Dan and Josh met while performing in other bands, and in 2009 began to write music together. This would end up as their acclaimed debut album It's a Corporate World, which was released in 2011. Since then, the band has extensively toured the US and Europe, performed on Conan, and released a number of EPs, most recently one named Patterns.

A few weeks ago, while stopping in New York for a few shows, Dan and Josh came up to Andy's old Harlem apartment to chat about our darkest childhood moments, cheating at business school and almost dying, and whether anti-semitism is passe or not.

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