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We all know the stories of how creative people get into the business of creating for a living, but how did they start using their imaginations in the first place? On the Beginnings podcast, writer and performer Andy Beckerman asks well-known and up-and-coming comedians, musicians, writers and artists about their earliest creative acts and about other formative childhood experiences.

Apr 5, 2018

On today's episode I talk to Anna Waronker. Anna is a singer/songwriter, composer, and producer originally from Los Angeles. After graduating from high school, Anna formed the band that would eventually become That Dog. While the band was only active for six years, they released three great albums on DGC Records (That Dog, Totally Crushed Out and Retreat from The Sun) and toured with everyone from Beck to Weezer to Blur. The band reunited in 2011 and recorded a new album to be released in the future. As a solo artist, Anna has released two albums, Anna and California Fade, and scores music for film and TV, which includes shows like Clueless, Dawson's Creek, Grey's Anatomy and Castle. Anna also now works in theater. Her last production was Lovelace: A Rock Musical, a collaboration with her sister-in-law Charlotte Caffey of the Go-Go's.

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