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We all know the stories of how creative people get into the business of creating for a living, but how did they start using their imaginations in the first place? On the Beginnings podcast, writer and performer Andy Beckerman asks well-known and up-and-coming comedians, musicians, writers and artists about their earliest creative acts and about other formative childhood experiences.

Aug 8, 2013

On today's show, I talk to musician and producer Quentin Stoltzfus. From 1999 to about 2006, Quentin was the principal songwriter behind the amazing Philly psyche-pop band Mazarin. When a wedding band with the same name threatened a lawsuit, Quentin dropped the moniker and is now recording as Light Heat. With The Walkmen as the backing band, Light Heat's self-titled debut was just released at the end of June. And it's great!

A few week's ago, Quentin and his publicist Mona came over to my Harlem apartment on a not-so-hot afternoon to chat about hating projects you've just spent a lot of time on, the incest taboo, leaving the Amish church, evangelical schooldays and early cynicism, a peripatetic childhood and pathological laziness. Also, in the epilogue, I interview my friend, Pittsburgh musician Corey Layman about what it was like to grow up as a Mennonite.

Check out our new website for Beginnings, subscribe on iTunes and see some live dates: on Aug. 31st we'll be live at the Out of Bounds Festival in Austin with director Todd Rohal and more, and the next live episode will be September 3rd for the Beginnings "Writer's Panel" featuring guest co-host Opus Moreschi (head writer of Colbert Report) and more!