On today's show, we talk to Ben Blacker and Ben Acker of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, a podcast and staged show in the style of old time radio that frequently stars comedians and actors like Paul F. Tompkins, Paget Brewster and James Urbaniak. Acker and Blacker are also TV writers and have written for shows like the WB's Supernatural and networks like Fox, Nickelodeon and USA. They also work in comics and recently wrote a Wolverine graphic novel for Marvel and are working on a Kickstarter campaign for a Thrilling Adventure Hour book. At the beginning of October, the two Bens were in town to do some Thrilling Adventure Hour shows in Brooklyn were nice enough to take the time out of a meeting-filled day to sit down with us at a studio in midtown for an atypical but fun episode!

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On today's show we talk to Geoff Haggerty and Sam West, two of the creators behind The Onion's YouTube webseries Sex House. Before becoming a writer on VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live, Geoff was the Creative Director for Onion Digital Studios and Sam is currently Head Writer. The remaining presence of The Onion in New York, Onion Digital Studios is responsible for producing videos for YouTube, which include a new series of TED-like talks, an incredibly dark food travelogue called Porkin' Across America and of course, one of the best series - web or TV - to come out this year, Sex House, a bleak and hilarious Real World-esque satire. A few weeks ago, Geoff and Sam stopped by the Manhattan Wrestling Team apartment to chat about the origins of the show and spit some Kool Keith lines. It was fun!

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On today's show we talk to Thu Tran. Thu is an artist and entertainer based in New York City. Growing up in Cleveland, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Since then, she's been a frequent collaborator with mash-up musician Girl Talk, and in 2009, she created the show Food Party for IFC, which ran for two seasons. Part cooking show and part puppet show, Food Party was surreal and wonderful. A few weeks ago, Thu stopped by the Manhattan Wrestling Team apartment for a fun and weird chat about creativity and fine art!

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Yowza! This last Tuesday, on a rainy and cool night, we had some of our favorite comedians and one of our favorite bands sit down with us at UCB East for a delightful chat about the X-Men's Gambit, $10 words, the Lego stock exchange and everybody's favorite Christian rock band Switchfoot. Nate Bargatze (Comedy Central Presents, his new AST album Yelled at by a Clown) and Sara Schaefer (You Had to Be There podcast, the forthcoming The Nikki and Sara Show on MTV) made us laugh and Cymbals Eat Guitars (Barsuk records) played some songs and chatted about home made psychedelic high school videos. It was a fun, weird time! Weird!

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On today's show we talk with writer and actor Matt Oberg. With a background in theater, Matt moved to New York to pursue acting professionally and eventually made his way into the comedy world through the People's Improv Theater. He's had parts in many shows including 30 Rock and Delocated, and had major roles in two Onion productions, as the anchor in Sports Dome and as one of the many Tucker Hopes on IFC's ONN. He also voiced Mark Lily, the main character on the incredible cartoon Ugly Americans. A few weeks ago Matt came over to the Manhattan Wrestling Team apartment and discussed his impending move to LA, faking it at your day job and the time he was Al Pacino's assistant's assistant.

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