On today's episode, we talk to Dan Klein and Arthur Meyer, the creators of the delightful and odd webseries The Jerry Seinfeld Program and part of the sketch group Pangaea 3000. As well, Dan is a writer for The Onion and previously wrote for Sportsdome, and Arthur is a contributor to The Onion, half of the sketch group Two Fun Men and a writer on Jimmy Fallon. Back in February, Dan and Arthur came over to the Brooklyn Wrestling Team Apartment to discuss the origins of their webseries, as well as about forgetting names and shitty philosophy.

PLUS! Don't miss our live 50th episode spectacular at UCB East on Tuesday, May 8th at 8pm with RACHEL DRATCH (SNL) and JON GLASER (Delocated)!!! Go to to make reservations!

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Hello, Beginningsers! On today's episode we talk to Andy Zaltzman, a writer and stand-up based in the UK. Along with the Daily Show's John Oliver, he co-writes and co-hosts the podcast The Bugle, a satirical news program. Since 1999, he's performed a new hour of stand-up almost every year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and he's written and performed in a number of BBC Radio programs including currently 7 Day Sunday. A few weeks ago while Andy was in town to do some shows, we met up with him at a studio in midtown where we discussed cricket, animal carcass pits and playing Noah's wife. What do these cryptic teasers mean? Only one way to find out: become like unto a god!

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Holy crumbs, friends! On April 10th, we sat down with some amazng people for our third live episode at UCB East! I hope you're ready to have fun because we have Kevin Allison from The State and the Risk! podcast explaining how his creativity changed after coming out. We also have Daily Show writer Hallie Haglund discussing her steamy re-write of Little Woman. Plus the lovely and wonderful Savoir Adore plays a few songs and tells us tales of being hams as children.

Our next live show's Tuesday, May 8th at 8pm at UCB East. Don't miss it! (Or you might develop extra fingers)

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On this episode, we talk to stand-up comedian and writer Dan St. Germain. With the force of personality of a  literary heavyweight, Dan has made a name for himself appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and MTV, and writing for Fuse and The Onion, among many others. He's been a "New Face" at the 2011 Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, has been nominated for multiple ECNY awards, and this year he'll be featured on John Oliver’s NY Standup Show. A few weeks ago, Dan came over to the Wrestling Team apartment, and we talked about writing plays and having a literary father, and then Dan called into question the entire nature of the show!

And don't forget to come to Beginnings: Live at UCB East this Tuesday, the 10th at 8pm! We've got Kevin Allison (Risk!, The State), Hallie Haglund (The Daily Show) and the band Savoir Adore as guests!

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