On February 12th, we sat down with Michael Kupperman and Sean Patton at the UCB's East Village theater and had a ton o' fun! Michael is one of our favorite writer/artists/funny people. He made cartoons for TV Funhouse, created the comics Snake 'n' Bacon and Tales Designed to Thrizzle, and wrote and illustrated the book Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010. All are amazing! Sean is also one of our favorite stand-ups. He tours all around the US, has been on Jimmy Fallon and Conan, and hosts a show every week at the bar Kabin in the East Village. He is super-funny and charismatic. Ride the wave!

And don't forget to come out to the next live Beginnings at UCB East on Sunday March 11th at 6pm. One of our guests will be the incredibly hilarious Daily Show writer Elliott Kalan as well as ANOTHER GUEST TOO!

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Myq Kaplan’s a brilliant stand-up whose been on Letterman, Conan, The Tonight Show, Craig Ferguson and many other programs. Last week on Beginnings we discussed his creative past and whether comedians have any more neuroses than the average person, and this week on Field Guide we talk about a song he wrote with his music partner Micah Sherman.

Why not drop us a line at and tell us your favorite mammal?

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Myq Kaplan is a super-funny stand-up based in New York City. He holds an advanced degree in linguistics and his love of language is apparent in his act, which he’s performed on The Tonight Show, the past season of Last Comic Standing as well as on his own Comedy Central Presents special. His first album Vegan Mind Meld came out in 2010, and it’s great! A week ago, he stopped by the Wrestling Team apartment to talk about lingusitics, creativity and stigmata sex, and we had tons of fun joshing around and grams of fun grahaming around...with words!

PLUS! Come see Beginnings live at UCB East on 2/12 at 6PM with Michael Kupperman and Sean Patton!

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John Gemberling has been a house performer at UCB for over eight years, many of them spent on the team Death by Roo Roo, who are widely recognized as one of the best improv groups in the country. John's also been featured on Adult Swim's The Heart, She Holler, the Comedy Central special This Show Will Get You High and as the voice of Blastus on the Cartoon Network show Robotomy. Today, we talk to John about the show he co-created and co-starred in for Adult Swim: Fat Guy Stuck in Internet!

Come see Beginnings live at UCB East (Ave. A and 3rd) on Sunday February 12th at 6pm!

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