Jesse Moynihan is a storyboard artist/writer on the amazing Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. He's also an amazing comic artist and has been making his own comics for years. On last week's Beginnings episode, we talked about how his past has opened him up to new ways of seeing the world, and on this week's Field Guide, we talk to Jesse about his latest collection of comics Forming vol.1, now out on Nobrow Press!

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Jesse Moynihan is a bit of a Renaissance man. He’s a storyboard artist/writer on the amazing Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. He’s also a comic artist who’s been making hilarious, weird and thoughtful comics for years, and his latest collection Forming vol. 1 was just published on Nobrow Press. Jesse’s also a musician and plays in the experimental pop group Make a Rising, who have two fantastic albums with a third on the way. Jesse sat down with us in the Wrestling Team apartment a few weeks ago while he was in town for an indie comics convention and: Jesse talked about chilling with The Dead Milkmen! He also told us about how his father's Christian visions and his mother's involvement in Aum Shinrikyo made him more receptive to the world. We even discussed David Lynch's contradictions! All this and mooooooooooore!

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Jared Logan is one of the most jovial, friendly stand-ups you might meet.  He’s been on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, tours colleges all over the country, and co-hosts a fantastic weekly stand-up show called Righteous Kill. On last week’s Beginnings, we talked to Jared about growing up in West Virginia and about his theatrical roots. On this week’s Field Guide, we discuss one of his favorite recent jokes.

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Jared Logan is a hilarious stand-up who got his start in Chicago. After being featured on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham in 2008, he moved to New York and has been tearing up the Big Apple ever since, especially with his weekly show Righteous Kill, which he co-hosts with fellow stand-up Joe DeRosa. A few weeks ago, Jared sat down with us in the Wrestling Team apartment. What transpired? Jared taught us that gay stereotypes are true if you only know one gay person! Andy explained his narcissistic crooked cop fantasy! Jared, like Sartre and Nike, tells us to "Just do it!" (it = your act)! Mark and Andy are delirious from exhaustion in the midshow and post-show segments!

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That's right, friends, we're doing something special on this week's Field Guide: we interview ourselves! Or, as many might call it "simply having a conversation". Coming up in the next month, we're going to do some special Field Guide episodes where we talk about specific shows and videos that we both enjoy with their creators. To kick that off, we thought we'd discuss a sketch that we perform called "The Newlyweb Game". Our discussion though quickly turns into a referendum on the state of Wrestling Team! Are Mark and Andy actually friends? Why do we write complex things? What kind of Troll books did we order as children? Whose fault was Wrestling Team's avant-garde period? How do you deal with death anxiety and eating disorders? All this and more on Beginnings Field Guide!

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