John Lee, along with his co-producer Vernon Chatman and their production/art collective PFFR, have created some of the weirdest and funniest television of the past decade. Wonder Showzen, a show that shoved absurdity, politics and social commentary into a nonsensical children’s show ran on MTV2 for two seasons and Xavier: Renegade Angel, a psychosexual spirit quest wrapped up in fast-paced absurdity and N64 graphics was an Adult Swim hit. Among other projects, John currently executive produces and directs Jon Glaser’s show Delocated. A few weeks ago we sat down with John at his house in Brooklyn to discuss paper videogames, Occupy Wall Street, Jim Jarmusch, Ewok dogs, being open to randomness, and Gordon Lish. Mark maybe gets a job! Both of us mutate into giggling fanboys! It's fun!

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Henry Zebrowski is a member of the terrifying sketch group Murderfist, who were named by the Village Voice as the “Best Sketch Comedy Group in New York.” He was an actor on the Comedy Central show Michael and Michael Have Issues, and has been in numerous College Humor videos. In the forthcoming film Gods Behaving Badly, he plays Hermes alongside Christopher Walken and Sharon Stone! On last week’s Beginnings episode, we talked about turning fear into laughter, and on this week’s Field Guide, we discuss Murderfist’s video Frank Penis!

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Henry Zebrowski is an actor and sketch writer living in New York City. He is part of the anarchic sketch group Murderfist, who won the ECNY awards in 2010 for Best Sketch Comedy Group and was named by the Village Voice as the “Best Sketch Comedy Group in New York.” Henry was also an actor on the Comedy Central show Michael and Michael Have Issues, and he plays Hermes in the forthcoming film Gods Behaving Badly with John Turturro, Oliver Platt and Edie Falco among many others. A few weeks ago Henry sat down with us at the Wrestling Team apartment and talked about sexual congress, childhood santaliens, school catchphrases, puking moms, fear of psychopaths, unstoppable forces vs. immoveable objects, frozen shit, the dissolution of societal bonds, and funky butter at FOX.

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Mike Sacks is a humor writer who has contributed to numerous publications including McSweeney’s, GQ and The New Yorker. Many of those pieces were  collected in his book Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason. He’s a member of the Pleasure Syndicate, a writing group composed of writers from places like The Daily Show and The Onion and his first book, And Here’s the Kicker is an anthology of his interviews with famous humorists from Paul Feig to Bob Odenkirk. Last week on Beginnings we discussed Mike’s past, and this week on Beginnings Field Guide we have an in depth conversation about a piece he wrote called “Whoops!”. 

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