Last week on Beginnings we talked to Saturday Night Live staff writer Christine Nangle about how growing up in Philadelphia and how attending Catholic School helped make her a creative person. This week on Beginnings Field Guide, we have an in-depth discussion of her web video "Surrogate Mother for Hire", which will be debuting as a web series this September!

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Hailing from Pennsylvania, Christine Nangle began her comedy career in Pittsburgh, performing with improv group Hustlebot. In 2007, Christine moved to New York where she began taking classes at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, eventually working her way up to writing and performing on a number of different house sketch and improv teams. In 2009, Christine was hired as a staff writer on Saturday Night Live and has been responsible for sketches like Snooki, Wikileaks and more. Last week, we sat down with Christine at the Blacktress House and discussed neighborhood mayors, growing up in Philadelphia, being the good kid, what hippie you are, stand-up in Pittsburgh, angry and silly, giving away the secrets of sketch, “All the Steeler Ladies” and being screamed at for not knowing cursive.

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Will Hines is the Associate Academic Supervisor and a teacher at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and a performer on the house team The Stepfathers, the winners of the Friars Club 2010 Improv Competition. He’s written and directed a number of stage shows and videos, and his acting work includes parts in the Adult Swim series Fat Guy Stuck in Internet and the Derrick movie Mystery Team. Most recently, he co-starred with Michael Cera in the webseries Bad Dads. Will sat down with us last week in a park around the corner from the UCB Theater to talk about his video "A Man Wants Someone to Feel His Pecs".

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Joe Mande is a nationally touring stand-up who’s been on Best Week Ever and Live at Gotham. He’s also the man behind the blog and book Look at This Fucking Hipster. Along with his co-host Noah Garfinkel, he hosts a monthly comedy show at UCB called Totally J/K, and he’s written and performed in a number of stage shows including most recently, his adaptation of Glenn Beck’s The Overton Window. Joe’s also one of the newest writers on the Adult Swim show Delocated. A few weeks ago, we sat down with Joe in Madison Square Park before his set at Righteous Kill and discussed Isa and Oscar, yearbook contests, Mall of America stand-up, optometry apprenticeships, war stories, Right Guard, 9/11 Truthers, Judaism, surrealist interview techniques and Kobe Bryant as the Devil. Plus the debut of our new segment “The Unworkables”!

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David Cope is a super-funny and absurdist comic based in New York City. Rather than some put-on stage persona, however, his weirdness is an honest extension of his personality. He curates the weekly stand-up show Hot Soup at O’Hanlon’s Bar alongside Andy Haynes, Mark Normand and Matt Ruby, and he’s been featured at the Bumbershoot festival, on the last season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and in numerous TV commercials. A few weeks ago, he came over to the (always hot) Wrestling Team apartment, and we talked about Shakespeare and James Joyce’s fart fetishes, divorce, call centers, the shittiness of being a lawyer, fuzz or a bedbug?, gaming vs. relationships, new-age harp and two-thirds of every Philip K. Dick novel.

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Hari Kondabolu is a highly-accomplished stand-up who discusses race and class in a manner that is both funny and enlightening. He’s performed on numerous shows including Jimmy Kimmel, Live at Gotham and John Oliver’s New York Standup Show. He has his own Comedy Central Presents special and hosts a live monthly talk show with his younger brother Ashok, a member of the hip hop group Das Racist. He also has academic roots and earned his Masters in Human Rights from the London School of Economics. A few weeks ago, Hari sat down with us in the hot, cat-filled Wrestling Team apartment to discuss NHL ‘96, hack jokes, mean people as the root of comedy, high school stand-up, Comedy Cellar soda, a tentative comedy career, writing politically with a punchline, silence and Manoj appearing years before Randy. Plus we debut our new segment “What’s your pathology?”

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